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Rehabs in Yell

Rehabs in Yell

Yell County is located in the central part of the state of Arkansas. The county seats are Dardanelle and Danville. The total area is 949 square miles with 22,185 residents.

Due to its numerous rivers and lakes, tourism, fishing, and boating are very popular activities in the area. The important water suppliers are the Arkansas River, the Red River of the South, Nimrod Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, and more.

However, even with all these benefits, the county faces an of issues. The use of drugs, alcohol and other substances has become a serious concern in the region recently. Based on data from 2009-2019, about 0.4% of people aged 12 and older in Arkansas reported drug abuse, and 1.6% of teens reported alcohol dependence.

Yell County rehabs treat those who struggle with different disorders such as substance abuse, drug, and alcohol addiction, and more.

Rehab Programs in Yell County

People in Yell can find a lot of rehab clinics suitable for their needs and problems. The duration of the therapy may start from 30 days and lasts to even a year or two years,

The most popular types of programs are the followings:

  • Detox
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Residential or Inpatient
  • Partial Plan


The recovery process mostly starts with detoxification which is a crucial part of the healing. Due to this type of program, patients get rid of toxic materials in their bodies. After this procedure, they are ready for further outpatient or inpatient care.

Inpatient Rehab

Patients receive inpatient care in a hospital, with a mandatory stay and 24-hour supervision. In addition to treatment, the rehabs often offer medication-based treatment and counseling. Addicts participate in group therapies with other patients at the clinic, allowing for the exchange of experiences and a smooth recovery.

Outpatient Rehab

During outpatient therapy, the clients may receive some medication-based treatment along with group and individual therapies. One of the advantages of this program is the flexibility of time as there is no need to stay at the facility all day long. Addicts must only attend the required therapies meanwhile continuing their normal life.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

If patients prefer to receive healing both in the clinic and in-house environment Partial hospitalization is a great choice for them. They are able to receive their cure during days, evenings, or even weekends. So in this way, they minimize the stress of staying only in the hospital environment.

Payment Methods and Prices

Depending on your specific needs, payment methods and costs might differ in each rehab center. There are both paid programs that cost thousands of dollars and free rehabs in Yell County. For those who need therapies and cannot afford them, the county has federal financial aid programs such as Medicaid or Medicare. Insurance coverage is also an option.

The average prices in the county’s recovery centers are as follows:

  • Detox rehabilitation - From $1,000 to $1,500
  • Inpatient Care - From $6,000 to $20,000
  • Outpatient Program - From $5,000 to $10,000

The medication that patients require for their healing programs might also affect the costs of the course. It might cost a few thousand dollars for a year. However, most people do not need any medication for their treatment.

Treatment Centers

Substance abuse and alcohol misuse are dangerous for people’s lives in many ways. Though some disorders cannot be completely cured but might be many rehab clinics that will provide proper treatment with the help of professional medical staff.

Here you may find the most popular clinics in the state:

Forcing an Addicted Teen Into Rehab

These days, finding out that your child suffers from substance misuse may not be surprising, as it is one of the rising problems in our society. If you have found that your adolescent is addicted to some substances, you should take action immediately.

No need of getting into an argument with them, try to explain to them all the negative consequences of the addiction to their lives.

You should always support your child during the recovery process. In this way, you will let them know that they are not being punished for any bad behavior. However, the state also allows you to legally force them into recovery, if simply speaking doesn’t work.