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Rehabs in Izard

Rehabs in Izard

Izard county is located in Arkansas. According to 2010 statistics, it had about 13,000 population. Melbourne is the seat. It is a county with an alcohol ban and dry.

Izard has the lowest rate of substance abuse. Follow this article for further information.

Substance Abuse Statistics in Izard County

Izard is in last place in the substance abuse rate in Arkansas. According to 2013 statistics, Arkansas is the 25th in drug overdose. In 2010, there were about 4,000 drug and alcohol-related cases.

In 2011, 305 residents had alcohol abuse treatment. As this division has the lowest misuse rate, you cannot find Izard rehab centers. However, you can find rehabilitation centers near Izard.

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

A substance use evaluation is a dialogue between a person and an addiction advisor. The purpose is to decide whether or not an individual's alcohol/narcotic consumption is a concern.

Social use, abuse, and reliance are the three sorts of drink and drug use.

Inpatient, Outpatient, and PHP Rehab


Inpatient care is issued in a hospital or other sort of inpatient structure. You are committed and stay for at least one night (often more) based on your condition.


Outpatient care, that does not require hospitalization, can differ substantially. Aside from an annual physical or a blood test, almost any other type of care can be classified as an outpatient. Also, these could include diagnostic tests, cures, or other methods.


A PHP allows people to spend the night at home while receiving therapy at a safe, loving facility during the day. Patients often devote a significant part of their week to obtaining tailored, evidence-based care.

Some Rehab Centers Near Izard County

EagleCrest Recovery

EagleCrest offers the most complete and flexible detoxification regimen available. High-dosage heroin detoxification is one of the choices available at this top level of care. It can significantly reduce the results of early withdrawal anxiety.

They specialize in habit, drug misuse, and substance use. They are handling concerns such as alcohol misuse and medical detoxification. Also, they target only adults.

The treatment programs include addiction, detoxification, opiate pill detoxification, intervention, and so on.

Springwoods Behavioral Health

Springwoods Behavioral Health focuses on dual diagnosis, behavioral cases, and depression. They solve issues such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, BPD, codependency, divorce, gambling, antisocial personality, etc.

Also, they specialize in mental health issues such as elderly person’s disorders, psychosis, DID, and so on. The targeted sexuality is bisexuals, LGBTQ+, and lesbians. Also, the targeted age is elders, adults, teens, and preteens.

The cure programs are depression, dual diagnosis, substance use, habit, and so on. They offer cognitive behavioral and dialectical behavior therapies too.

Rehabs With No Insurance

The state offers free rehabs in case you do not obtain insurance. So you have the chance to attend rehabilitation without paying money. Here is the list.

  • Oasis Renewal Center
  • Recovery Centers Of Arkansas
  • Bradford Health Services
  • Quapaw House Inc

Forcing Your Teenager Into Rehabilitation

It is necessary to recognize that pressing the problem is unlikely to be the best option. The idea is for your teen to choose to go to rehab rather than being forced to do so. It can be challenging, but to succeed you have to do your best!

First, you need to speak with your teenager. Then, show them the results that they may have after getting through it.

Remember that your teenager has no idea what their future holds. They're probably more scared than they are mad or upset. They're worried that narcotics have taken control of their lives.

Also, they're probably afraid of what family members or friends would think if they go to rehab. Regardless of what they say, your child wants your support.