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Rehabs in Polk

Rehabs in Polk

Having almost 21,000 population Polk is a county in Arkansas. Its seat is located in Mena city. Overall, this province is a quiet and safe place to live. The crime rate is not so high compared to other Arkansas provinces.

Yet, unfortunately, the province does not escape from drug and alcohol dependence issues. In Polk, over 15% of students suffer from substance abuse.

With the rising overdose cases, the authorities thoroughly care for recovery programs within this area. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the rehabs in Polk county.

Available Treatment Options

People who happened to ever be in addiction will assert that recovery is a hard and faceted process to complete. Drugs and alcohol cause not only physical but also mental health disorders affecting human behavior.

Addicts continue to apply the toxic chemicals because the dependence changes even the reward system of the brain. This increases the need for substance use.

So, learning how to cope with this chronic disorder is vital for those who have substance abuse issues.


After reaching out to the healthcare providers you need to pass the evaluation. Through this process, both you and the clinic staff will be informed about your health state. Based on these results, they will assign a certain healing plan for you.

The intensity of the plan highly depends on these factors:

  • Types of narcotics you misused
  • Substance usage duration
  • Co-occurring diseases (mental and behavioral problems)
  • Relapse

All of these points can be assessed during the evaluation test.

Medical Detox

Next comes one of the most effective methods to clean your body of unwanted chemicals. It is a detox procedure. This should be done under the direct control of doctors. This is because the patient may feel some side effects, like headaches, insomnia, anxiety, etc. after removing these elements from their bodies.

Inpatient VS Outpatient

The main treatment categories to apply for recovery are inpatient and outpatient. These are various programs differing in therapy intensity, duration, costs, etc.

The inpatient method is proper for patients who seek to find a safe environment far away from outside triggers. Those people prefer residential treatment in a safe facility and 24/7 medical assistance.

While, in the case of the outpatient variant, sufferers receive all the necessary therapies in a facility and return home. This is an ideal way to keep up their daily activities and get quality courses to recover.

The inpatient clinics offer more intensive sessions to treat severe types of addiction. The duration is also longer (from 30 days up to 1 year). Meanwhile, the outpatient curing plan lasts for several weeks. It serves also as aftercare support. The curing costs are lower than in residential clinics.


The rehabilitation does not end with the main sessions you pass. Continuing care is also very important to prevent relapse. Aftercare involves medical and social support services, staying in sober living houses, counseling, peer-to-peer support, etc.

Luxury Rehabs in Polk County

If you tend to pass the whole rehabilitation process in a luxurious facility then the Western Arkansas Counseling and Guidance Center INC can be a good fit. It provides regular outpatient therapies including:

  • Case management
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Mental health and housing services
  • Group, family, and individual meetings, etc.

Besides, their professional staff follows up on the outcomes. They also help the clients with transportation.

Payment Methods

Though overall prices for luxury rehabs are a little bit higher than in other clinics, you have many options to cover curing:

  • Medicaid/ Medicare
  • Private health insurance
  • Military assurance
  • IHS/ Tribal/ Urban funds
  • Federal funding
  • Insurance financed by the State

If none of these methods are accessible to you, then you may qualify for custom pricing. Payment assistance is also a beneficial option.

You may contact this rehab by calling this number: (800) 542-1031.