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Rehabs in Grant

Rehabs in Grant

Grant County is a small region located in the AR Metropolitan Statistical Area, the state of Arkansas in the US. According to the 2020 census, the population was 17,958. Despite the population being few, the addiction level here is relatively high.

This problem is becoming more serious daily, as more deaths due to drug or alcohol abuse are recorded over the years. Below, we will present some statistics that show the picture better.

That is why rehabs in Grant County, Arkansas were created, trying to help the residents get out of that hard situation and get back to their usual life.

This problem is becoming more serious daily, as more deaths due to drug or alcohol abuse are recorded over the years. Below, we will present some statistics that show the picture better. This article will cover all the details of this topic, so if you are interested, go on reading.


Statistics show that substance abuse deaths in Grant County have increased year by year. For example, if in 2019 the number of overdose deaths was 5,50 for 18,265 people, then in 2021, it was two times more (11,06 per 18,090 people). This is a really serious and worrying fact, especially for a region with such a small area and few population.

As for narcotic arrests, again the situation is quite serious. In 2019, 49 people were arrested on charges of consuming, illegally using, selling or doing any illegal act under the influence of substances. While in 2021, a worse indicator was recorded again: 86 people were arrested on the same charge.

Commonly Abused Substances

In the state of Arkansas, and more specifically in Grant County, the most commonly used substances are the following:

  • heroin
  • cocaine
  • methamphetamine
  • marijuana
  • opioids (such as fentanyl)
  • prescription drugs

In the state, the most commonly consumed one is fentanyl. According to the AR State Legislature Report 2014, marijuana was among the top 3 drug possession arrests.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in Grant County, AR

Starting therapy is typically quite difficult for those who have alcohol or drug addictions. Their primary issue is that they believe that they can handle it and overcome that situation on their own. Finding strength and applying to the appropriate facilities is vital to acquire support, especially at an advanced stage.

The initial step that you or your loved one needs is to get a drug or alcohol evaluation. Being tested is the best way to start the treatment, as you will get the information on your current level and the type of care you require.

So, it is important to do a deep research and find a well-experienced and reliable facility where you can start your treatment. For that, one of the best and most-recommended facilities is the South Arkansas Regional Health Center. It is located 78 miles from Sheridan, which is the county seat.

South Arkansas Regional Health Center

SARHC is a private and not-for-profit community mental health center. It provides a broad range of specialized professional mental health treatments offered to the residents. They come up with a range of services and therapies to help people from all areas of life with issues like stress, depression, anxiety, substance disorder, difficulties adjusting to school or the workplace, and other behavioral health issues.

With the help of their professional staff, people receive their care in a relaxed and warm environment. There is both individual and group counseling. For visiting the center or getting more information, below are their address and phone-number:

715 North College, El Dorado,

Arkansas, 71730

Phone: (870) 862-7921


Like almost all rehab centers in the state, this facility also begins the cure program with a detox. Not all patients agree to this process at once, but it is a must. Many people do not imagine that they can completely give up these substances, but by starting a detox program, they are getting closer to their goal little by little.

So, if you want to achieve good results and give up bad habits, then you have to start with detoxification of the body. They offer detox in case of addiction to the following substances:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Methamphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines

Outpatient Treatment

There are several outpatient treatment options provided here, such as:

  • Outpatient
  • Regular
  • Intensive
  • Methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone

Starting outpatient treatment is sometimes more binding and responsible for the person, as he/she has to show a strong will and get rid of all harmful habits. In the facility, of course, all patients are under the care and attention of specialists, but after the therapy is over, each person must be responsible for his/her actions.

These therapies can also be individual, group, or family. So, everyone can choose the most suitable one.

The fee structure is also affordable, as there is no accommodation issue, and the patient goes back home after the therapy.

Specialized Programs

There are several specialized programs offered for several targeted groups of people. They are, for example, transitional-age young adults, adult men and women, people referred from the court/judicial system, and others.

Some specialized programs for the following disorders are also offered:

  • non-substance use addiction disorder
  • gambling disorder
  • Internet use disorder

Aftercare and Continuing Care

The specialty of the SARHC is that it does not leave its patients to the whims of luck. Even after completing the therapies, the specialists keep in touch with their patients and learn about their health and mental condition.

Sometimes after receiving the cure, special aftercare programs are also developed to frequently invite patients to the center and have consultations with them. It depends on a person's condition, needs, and, of course, individual desires.