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Rehabs in Pope

Rehabs in Pope

Pope is a province in Arkansas. It has over 62,000 population which is quite a big number. Its seat is Russellville. The area stands out with its hospitals, hotels, food, etc. Residents are mostly very friendly.

However, almost 20% of Pope’s youth suffer from drug and alcohol addiction issues. The commonly misused narcotics are cocaine, heroin, cannabis, and opioids.

So, as the recovery demand is very high, there are many centers to help cope with the rising addiction “epidemic”. Thus, in this article, we are going to inform you about the rehabs in Pope county.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabs

Quitting substance usage is not so easy. It requires big effort and willingness. Besides, it is important to know about the sequence of steps required for final recovery.


The very first step is assessment. Due to it, doctors evaluate your health condition. This includes not only physical but also mental well-being. Due to dependence, patients get various mental and behavioral health problems.

Passing the evaluation test is a matter of 1-1,5 hours. Besides, the physicians, psychologists, and counselors help you to fill in the needed details.

So, based on this information, the staff makes a further treatment plan.


One of the mandatory therapies the addicts should pass is detox. It is an act of removing unwanted and harmful elements from their bodies. This approves medical stabilization.

Yet, it will be better to complete the procedure under medical supervision rather than doing this at home.

This is because patients are not able to treat side effects and withdrawal symptoms if they appear at home. While doing so in a clinic will help sufferers maximally escape from aftereffects.

Inpatient and Outpatient Methods

These are the primary treatment services. The inpatient method provides 24/7 care in a hospital under the control of doctors, psychologists, and counselors. Along with physical therapies, clients attend mental healthcare sessions.

These facilities tend to treat higher dependence levels. They last longer than outpatient programs. The course is beneficial because it involves family members in the counseling. Family care and support have a vital role in recovery.

On the contrary, outpatient centers do not oblige people to stay in the facility. They can easily maintain their everyday schedule and attend courses at the same time.

The sessions include group, individual, and peer-to-peer meetings. They also offer a 12-step program, case management, etc. Additionally, these clinics are a great choice for continuing aftercare.

Luxury Rehabs in Pope County

Giving high priority to convenient stay and upscale courses some addicts select luxury facilities. Here are some of them:

  • Counseling Associates INC Russellville - provides outpatient services, overdose education, and dual diagnosis curing. Here the center specialists also cure other disorders such as internet misuse. You may contact them via this mobile number: (479) 968-1298.
  • Arkansas River Valley Area Council Freedom House - offers both residential and outpatient options, and detox. The list of services also includes case management, mentoring, peer-to-peer support, and sober living housing, as well. You are able to contact them via this phone number: (479) 219-5292.

Involuntary Rehabs in Pope County

You are most likely to do anything to save the life of your loved one who struggles with substance abuse. Sometimes talking and trying to explain the harmful situation the addicts are in is a good variant to convince them to move to a hospital.

However, some people keep refusing the curing sessions. So, the relatives take certain actions to place them in a clinic without their consent.

If your teen is less than 18 then parents and caregivers can force them to attend the therapies. However, patients who submit for recovery willingly are more likely to quit dependence than those who enter a clinic involuntarily.

Yet, things totally change when the teenager is more than 18. In this case, no one can oblige them to apply for rehabilitation.