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Rehabs in Montgomery

Rehabs in Montgomery

Montgomery is a county located in the state of Arkansas. It has almost 9,500 population. The area is full of sparkling clear water. The province seat is in Mount Ida which is a small homely town.

Like other areas of this State Montgomery also undergoes a drug and alcohol abuse epidemic. Arkansas is in 25th place with substance addiction issues. The mainly used narcotics are marijuana, amphetamine, prescription pills, heroin, etc. Yet, the province authorities take a lot of actions to prevent the rising number of overdose cases. This includes alcohol and drug awareness classes, and intervention and rehab programs. In this article, we will get familiar with rehabs in Montgomery county.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Evaluation

The first step for your recovery is undergoing a thorough evaluation. It defines the level of dependence as well as helps the specialist to realize where the issue comes from. It is a vital step to decide what types of chemicals the patient used and the usage duration. Also, if there are other co-occurring disorders then they should be treated accordingly. So, based on these short test results, you can select a quality service for further curing.

Rehab Programs

Substance addiction is a disease affecting a patient’s brain, mental, and behavioral health. The constant usage of illicit narcotics brings a person to the inability to control. The risk of dependence and how fast you will gain it varies depending on the narcotic type you use. So, that is why identifying it is very important to determine what treatment program you need.


This is a toxic element withdrawal process. It is often accompanied by different side effects. Yet, you should take into account that at-home detox may have dangerous results. Though it is more affordable at-home detox is typically not recommended. So, you have to pass it under medical control. This is to prevent such removal effects as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Sweating
  • Tremors, etc.

Primary Recovery Process

After completing the previous steps, the clinic staff decides on your future recovery plan. So, you can choose to pass it either in the inpatient or outpatient clinics.


Inpatient clinics offer a secure rehabilitation setting. This is a perfect way for those who need medical care and oversight. In these centers, applicants receive not only medical but also psychological and dependent support. They stay here in 24/7 mode. In most cases, people choosing a residential method are assigned to a shared or single room. They take part in a different group and individual meetings, as well as family counseling.

Besides, the residential program helps to successfully escape from everyday outer stressors and triggers. So, they can focus on recovery. These rehabs offer therapies that mostly last from 30 to 90 days. After this, the patients are recommended to follow their aftercare planning. This is to lower the risk of relapse.

You may find quality services in the nearby New Vision at Mena Regional Health System hospital. The contact number is (479) 255-5851.


This option is effective for moderate addiction forms. Thus, the main purpose of this program is to assist individuals to develop skills. This is to live their lives without substance abuse.

The outpatient method enables the participants to maintain their ordinary lifestyle. So, they are flexible to attend school and jobs regularly, eat and sleep at home. Meanwhile, they go to rehab for curing sessions. This can also be a stepping phase for people who leave the residential facility.

The recovery lasts from 10 to 12 weeks and is quite less expensive.

Payment for Rehabs in Montgomery County

If you want to quit drug and alcohol usage but meet financial issues in covering the healing process then you need to know about the available payment options.

The first and the most efficient method is insurance including private, military assurances and Medicaid/ Medicare. Thus, the coverage level is determined according to your insurance company. In most cases, it covers the treatment totally or in portions.

Considering your financial condition, you may be qualified for sliding scale pricing. Also, prioritizing smooth treatment, the State offers medical loans, grants, and scholarships, as well as fundraising options. This is to help people recover regardless of their financial situation.