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Rehabs in Benton

Rehabs in Benton

Benton County is located in the northwestern part of the US, State of Arkansas. The seat is Bentonville. According to the 2020 US Census, the population was 284,333. It is the second-most populous region in AR.

The main drawback of being so widely populated is that it feels all the effects of America’s drug epidemic on it. Thus, the rates of drug abuse and overdose are increasing day by day. County Health Rankings and Roadmaps’ Report showed that between 2015 – and 2017 over 107 drug-related deaths had happened.

These numbers also witness the necessity of care before it is too late. Unfortunately, so many people never make it into rehabilitation before a sudden overdose or some other harm to their health. Hence, the state established several drug and alcohol rehabs in Benton County, Arkansas. 

In our article, you will find all the needed info on the local rehabs. 

Available Treatment Options

To struggle with substance use issues and co-occurring mental health disorders, the residents of Benton have to visit the drug and alcohol rehabs in Benson County, Arkansas. Generally, these centers provide five addiction treatment and recovery courses that include detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization program (PHP), and so on. Keep reading to get the details of each component.

Substance Abuse Evaluation

To evaluate the nature and severity of the addict’s problem, he/she must pass an assessment procedure. Through special tests and screening, the licensed specialists will identify the extent of the disorder and suggest an appropriate recovery plan. This is the first step toward recovery.


To heal the body and brain from all addictive substances, you have to pass a detox session. This procedure of withdrawal includes a safe and supervised therapy that helps to reduce painful withdrawal symptoms. It is more efficient to continue the addiction therapy after the completion of the withdrawal phase. 

The detox alone is not a treatment, it is just preparation for successful recovery. Moreover, it aims to ensure that the patient does not suffer too much from withdrawal symptoms.


In case of a relatively new or mild level of addiction, the person may go through recovery in an outpatient rehab program. To achieve a state of full sobriety, one should spend at least 90 days in a rehab center. This type of therapy does not require staying at the facility. The person has the flexibility to get the care and take part in daily activities at the same time. 


In case of serious substance abuse disorders, the person has to take part in an inpatient or residential care program. The duration of the program depends on the severity of the addiction.

Generally, inpatient care lasts from one to three months. The patient stays at the clinic with around-the-clock medical supervision. Besides this type of care consists of individual or group therapy sessions, a 12-step program, aftercare, etc. All the sessions are being held at one location. 


Sometimes the reason why the person goes untreated is the high costs of professional rehab. However, most of the rehabs in Benton, Arkansas accept different health insurance plans. The latter provides full or partial coverage of the healing expenses. 

Besides, there are also state-funded or free rehabs that offer treatment to those who are eligible to get it. Self-payment is also acceptable. Just find the more suitable payment option for you. 

Area Treatment Centers

United Family Services – Markham Street

900 W. Markham St.
Little Rock, AR -72201
(501) 376-0111

Nehemiah House – Union Rescue Mission

2921 Springer Blvd
Little Rock, AR – 72206
(501) 374-4022

The Oasis Renewal Center

14913 Cooper Orbit Road
Little Rock, AR – 72223
(501) 376-2747

Bradford Health Services

4 Executive Center Court
Little Rock, AR – 72211
(501) 725-8000

Chance Sobriety Ministries

12127 Gabriel Lane
North Little Rock, AR – 72118
(501) 851-8484