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Rehabs in Lonoke

Rehabs in Lonoke

Lonoke County is located in the Central Arkansas region of the state of Arkansas. Of all the 75 counties in the state, it has the 11th place in terms of its population. According to the data provided in 2020, it had a population of 73,200.

Here, personal healthcare costs per person in 2014 were $7,408. This represents an increase of 6.91% from the prior year. Primary care doctors see 5,261 patients on average annually, a 13.4% decline from the previous year. \
This decrease is partially attributable to the work of rehabs in Lonoke County. They provide addiction treatment programs to help clients clean up and sober up their bodies and minds through some steps.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

The first step is the evaluation process. It addresses the issue and prepares you for the upcoming treatment. This step determines the seriousness of your addiction. Specialists ask questions about your condition and write a thorough report on the following points:

  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • The severity of the abuse
  • Conditions that co-occur

After this procedure, when you know your condition and the level of care you need, you must select a detox program. This is the second step of your recovery process.


Detoxification is carried out for some reasons. One of them is to help people break their addiction to alcohol or other addictive substances. Besides, they rid them of non-prescription medications and drugs.

Usually, the detox program is standard, but according to the condition of the client, it may be customized.

People get ready for ongoing therapy after cleaning the body of toxic substances.

Types of Rehabs in Lonoke County, Arkansas

The third step is your recovery process. After assessing your case, specialists help you choose a rehab program. The latter has different types.


In this case, clinics provide medical care, housing, and other services. This intensive care therapy is beneficial for people with severe addiction.

Patients can fully commit to the healing process and see positive outcomes. This is due to the absence of outside distractions, which are common in outpatient programs.


Outpatients are not required to spend the night at the facility. They can leave the doctor's office or outpatient facility once the procedure is over.

Sometimes they have to wait for the anesthetic's effects to subside or to make sure there are no problems. As long as there are no serious effects, they are not required to spend the night under observation.

Partial Hospitalization Program or PHP

This treatment is not the same as inpatient care, which requires round-the-clock medical supervision.

Partial hospitalization is a type of organized mental health treatment that lasts for several hours each day, 3 to 5 days a week.

Clients attend sessions during the day, and evening sessions are spent at home. The goal is to help you recover so that you can access supervision that is of a lower level, like outpatient therapy.

Luxury Rehabs in Lonoke County

You can complete your recovery course in special facilities. Typically, they provide a wider range of services than standard facilities. These are opulent resorts that strive to offer their patients the highest level of luxury and comfort while they are there.

Besides medicine, they ensure that individuals relax both physically and mentally. This is another crucial element in determining a person's well-being.

Although it may benefit patients and have a better outcome, this is a very expensive option that not everyone can afford.

Insurance Plans for Addiction Treatment

Health insurance is available to 92.8% of the people in Lonoke County. They make use of different plans, such as:

  • 41.5% - employee plans
  • 18.4% - Medicaid
  • 9.4% - Medicare
  • 15.3% - non-group plans
  • 8.14% - military or VA plans

Payment Options Without Insurance

Do not worry if you do not have any of the aforementioned insurance plans. Even without insurance, you can still get the necessary supervision. There are several options available for selection:

  • Sliding Scale
  • Non-Profit
  • Faith-Based
  • Payment Assistance

In the first case, depending on the client's financial situation, fees might change. Fees for those who make less money are reduced in comparison to high-income earners. In the second case, non-profit organizations offer free supervision or substantial discounts.

As for the third one, some religious organizations offer free medical care. In the case of the last one, some treatment facilities provide financial aid to those who qualify. So, try to use one of these methods to cover your health costs if you do not have enough funds.