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Rehabs in Ouachita

Rehabs in Ouachita

Being situated in the state of Arkansas Ouachita has more than 26,000 population. The province seat is in Camden city. It is a perfect place to live if you like rural areas.

Yet, the crime rate for such a small province is very high. Along with this issue, drug and alcohol addiction is increasingly rising. Student substance abuse is almost 17% here. The mainly used chemicals are heroin, weed, opioids, etc. As addiction is a quite threatening disease with a bunch of serious aftereffects it is important to treat it in time. Thus, there are many rehabs in Ouachita county. So, in this article, we are going to provide you with valuable information about curing plans in this county.

Rehabilitation Programs

Starting with a voluntary act of applying narcotics or alcohol the usage becomes uncontrolled over time. Anyone can be impacted by addiction. Yet, not all patients are able to recognize their condition and submit for treatment. In this case, they need professional intervention to follow all the required steps toward recovery.

Substance Misuse Evaluation

After entering a clinic you should pass the evaluation process with the help of professional staff. This usually takes 1-1,5 hours to identify your health condition and find out about multiple substance abuse. As well as they determine the next steps and the main curing service the person needs according to the assessment results.


Before submitting for the main recovery process it is important to prepare the body for a sudden stop of substance usage. This can be done in a hospital by completing medical detox. Due to it, the body will remove toxic components. Moreover, it will be medically more stabilized and ready for other stages of treatment.

Treatment Options

Moving forward, you should select one of the available rehabilitation sessions. You have to note that healing is never the same for all sufferers. It highly depends not only on their physical but also mental and behavioral health state. So, according to your previously received plan, you may proceed with further healing program options either in the residential or outpatient clinic.

Inpatient VS Outpatient

There are a bunch of differences between these two programs. The inpatient method is proper for those who suffer from severe SA form. While the outpatient method is applicable to those with moderate dependence levels. Besides, inpatient requires 24/7 residential care. Patients stay in the hospital and receive therapeutic care from its professional staff. There are psychologists, counselors, therapists, and doctors to show a holistic approach to clients in need.

Meanwhile, outpatient does not obligate the applicants to stay in a clinic. They may get a curing plan in the daytime and return home. Moreover, they are able to choose the timing. Here patients participate in group and individual sessions, and peer-to-peer support. Also, they take part in 12-step programs.

As for the duration of these therapies, inpatient lasts longer from 30 to 90 days, or even longer in some situations. Outpatient lasts only 10-12 weeks. Thus, it is a good option for outcome follow-up and aftercare support.

Luxury Rehabs in Ouachita County

If you seek to enter a rehab full of all the needed amenities, high-quality services, and a peaceful location, then you should find a luxury rehab. The costs are a little bit higher than in the case of common centers. Yet, you will enjoy the rehabilitation process under the careful medical control of the rehab staff.

One of the most famous luxury rehabs in this area is Ouachita County Medical Center. Being located in Camden it provides evidence-based therapies. You can contact them by calling this phone number: (870) 836-1000.

Payment and Financial Aid

As the costs of your rehabs are quite individualized the cost range can vary greatly from the center. Thus, some addicts may encounter financial issues when submitting a rehab. In Ouachita County rehabs there are different types of financial aid to help the applicants cover the treatment costs:

  • Private and Military health assurances
  • State-funded insurance
  • Medicaid/Medicare.

If you do not have insurance then you are able to qualify for sliding scale pricing based on your family condition. Or else, you should take medical loans and get grants or scholarships.