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Rehabs in Drew

Rehabs in Drew

Drew is a historically rich county in Arkansas state of the USA. The county seat is Monticello which is the largest city in the region. Its population was 18,509 according to the 2010 census. Among Arkansas's 75 counties Drew is the 39th most populous one.

The region has a developing industry. The most widespread one is the timber industry. They manufacture boats, carpets, furniture, and lots of other things. Besides, the region is considered to be an economic center in southeast Arkansas. It has a big flow of tourists all year round.

Unfortunately, this region also suffers from the so-called addiction epidemic, which is overspread here, as it is a part of one of the most addicted states. The problem is global being impossible to be eliminated.

Anyway, the government does its best to provide solutions and overcome the issue. It has constructed a set of Drew rehabs, which are various and multifunctional.

The Rehab Types

All the clinics have the same mission of delivering the best care options to their clients. The diseases are various and need various approaches and treatment options. All in all, they are divided into inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Each of them has its specific function and purpose. Try to determine the difference below.


Before you come to the main treatment stages, this is a very important step during any kind of recovery. In other words, without this step, the healing will not have the desired result.

Detoxification aims to make your body free from all harmful substances. To clarify when you stop using any substance immediately, withdrawal symptoms may occur. So, here detoxification becomes a mandatory condition.

Besides this procedure gets you ready for the main recovery program. There are private detox clinics. Inpatient facilities include this step in their care program. The result is mainly the same, so it is recommended to get the detoxification and treatment under one roof.

Depending on your addiction level the process may last 5-7 days. Everywhere there is strict medical supervision for passing through the process safely.


After detoxification, the long-term recovery process comes. You must get ready for it psychologically and physically, as the recovery path is not so easy. Inpatient rehabs provide the best level of care as the program includes everything from detoxification to the final care procedures.

For the medical team, it is better to have an eye on your well-being around the clock. The average stay is 30 days. Yet, in some cases, it can be longer or shorter. So, for the whole treatment duration, you must cut your connection with your outdoor lifestyle, family members, and loved ones.

You must live at the clinic till the end of the recovery. They have an individualized approach for every single client, as the disease manifestations differ for everyone.

They also provide healing programs for mental health issues, co-occurring disorders, and many others. So do not waste your time and start your Drew rehab lookup at the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Headquarters website.


Outpatient rehabs become the best option for those who have already passed through the above-mentioned programs. To clarify they provide treatment for those who need aftercare checkups or those who suffer from mild or just beginning cases. The recovery may last from several hours a week to 6-7 hours a day.

The second duration is a bit similar to an inpatient program with the difference that during outpatient care it is not a must to stay at the medical clinic overnight. The healing approaches are unique for every client, because of the varieties of addiction levels and cases.

Here, it is worth mentioning one Drew rehab which is the first clinic providing physical, occupational, and speech therapies across southeast Arkansas. It is Drew Memorial Rehabilitation. The facility offers outpatient, inpatient, and home health services.

Rehab Costs

This is the most worrying concern for an addicted person who tends to start a medication process. There is no fixed price. From facility to facility the prices differ.

Many factors affect it. Those are the clinic type, location, living settings, offered programs, addiction level, care duration, and so on.

Luxury Rehab Costs

They are the most expensive clinics of all. The matter is that they provide high-quality care, high-class amenities, entertainment, and so on. Besides your medication is accompanied by aesthetic pleasures.

So the costs may vary between $20,000 to $25,000 for a monthly period. At a standard facility, you will pay $5,000-$7,000 for the same period.

Luckily insurance may cover your medication expenses either partially or completely. But if you do not have it, try to find an organization, which offers financial aid or will guide you to find one. All in all, if you do not have financial problems you can afford this type of facility, as you may have uniquely effective treatment.

Forcing Teens Into Rehab

Any parent, who has an addicted child faces this question by all means. It is not easy to find the right solutions. So you must do everything with the help of psychologists and professionals, who will bring him/her closer to the healing process step by step.

Alongside the medication process, social and emotional support is also very important. So you must do the impossible for your teen to understand that you are a best friend who is always there for help. So take a deep breath and calm down to find an objective solution.