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Rehabs in Logan

Rehabs in Logan

Logan County is located in the US state of Arkansas. Formerly it was named differently - Sarber. The main seats are Booneville and Paris. Based on recent estimations, the population is 22,353. The number of households is over 8,693, with about 6,302 families. The total area is 732 square miles. The striking majority of the population is white (96.46%).

The educational and healthcare sectors are facing constant development, yet there are still unresolved problems requiring the government’s attention. For now, the most challenging issue is the substance misuse by the residents.


Indeed, Arkansas has one of the highest drug addiction cases. And even though Logan is not very large and the fatal overdose cases might not seem overly harsh, it is still a disturbing number. Before COVID-19 fatal cases in Arkansas were about 426 per year, while in Logan it was only 8 annually. However, the pandemic had a dire effect on the sector, and the number of addiction cases reached its striking height in 2020.

To eliminate the dire consequences, Logan County Rehabs are constantly enhancing their services to offer the residents better healing opportunities.

Logan County Rehab Programs

Finding a good rehab with high-quality services is not always easy. It is very important to have trust in the provided services and in the professionals that are supporting you. To help in this difficult task and make the initial and the most essential steps in your healing journey, we have come up with the following institutions:

Booneville Self-funded centers accepting Medicare/ Medicaid

  • Western Arkansas Counseling
  • Harbor House Inc.

The mentioned centers also accept military insurance. They provide a wide range of services to seniors and teens.

Types of Treatment

Addiction treatments are different and they differ from center to center and from a patient to patient. However, they all do start with substance abuse valuation and

The main known options are inpatient, outpatient, and mixed. However, hospitals might offer different healing programs. Generally, inpatient services include a mixture of medical supervision, therapies, and prescriptions.

In inpatient help detox plays a crucial role. It is the initial and the most defining stage when the body is cleansed from all the toxins caused by addiction. However, there might be lighter cases in inpatient care, when the patients choose 24/7 care and support, yet detox is not necessary.

The inpatient option is also beneficial, as it minimizes the cases of relapse.

On the other hand, outpatient includes therapeutic programs mostly in office settings. In some instances, it might be more extensive, depending on the client’s state, while very often it may take only several hours weekly.

One of the advantages of this option is that it is not as expensive as the inpatient one.

To determine which option better suits you, it is necessary to consult a professional and together choose the best type of help for you.

Luxury Rehabs

Members of even the most affluent or famous families often become victims of drug abuse. Those who are used to luxury will have difficulties in adjusting to residential facilities. For this very reason, almost every county has a luxury center situated in a calm and beautiful sight, far from curious eyes. The luxury rehabs provide the best conditions to their clients, meanwhile also preserving a high level of confidentiality.


Unfortunately, sometimes the only obstacle to drug-free life is the high costs of the provided help. The enthusiasm for clearing up and starting a new life vanishes when people learn about the impending payments. Yes, there is no denying that this kind of help is quite expensive and might seem unachievable for many. Yet, health is the most precious thing that is the basis of all the other good things in life. Saving money at the expense of health is a bad idea. Furthermore, the recovery centers offer financial assistance or a sliding fee scale to meet your income goals. You can also check insurance coverage option if you have private insurance.

In Logan county addiction services vary from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the length, depth, and type of the chosen program.