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Rehabs in Saline

Rehabs in Saline

Saline is an economically developed county in Arkansas. The largest city Benton is the county seat. The population was 107,118 according to the 2010 census.

The county has many popular attractions that contribute to the development of tourism. Among them are famous museums, parks, theatres, libraries, and many others, which are worth visiting.

Even so, the province still has some issues to deal with. Unfortunately, now drug and alcohol abuse is overspread throughout the US. Arkansas, with its counties, is not an exception.

Substance Abuse Statistics

Substance misuse is a serious healthcare issue in Saline County. According to the research in 2010-201, Arkansas was among the top 10 states for rates of drug use. Only in 2010, 374 people died because of a drug overdose.

Unluckily this ranking has only risen since then. In Arkansas, Little Rock is the main market area and it is also considered to be a transit point for substances being transported to other states.

The most used substances are cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine in addition to many others. Given that, various Saline rehabs have been constructed to overcome the issue.

Types of Rehab Programs

The clinics are multifunctional and treat all the stages of the epidemic with its diverse manifestations. They hold programs for not only dependence care but also many other mental health issues, and co-occurring disorders, including anxiety, depression, and so on.

As an addicted person, you will have to go through several stages. Those are the detox, outpatient, inpatient, and aftercare programs.

Medical Detox

This is a very important step in the recovery path, having a vital function. The matter is that you must start the treatment process with your body free of harmful substances. Detoxification serves that purpose. It removes drugs from your body, fostering sobriety and getting you ready for the main recovery process.

You can also detox at home but it is not recommended, as you cannot manage withdrawal symptoms alone. You had better get the procedure either at specialized detox clinics or inpatient facilities. It may last up to 7 days depending on your disease level.


Once you determine your addiction to be at the highest level of severity, you must attend inpatient facilities for a full recovery. It means you will get your treatment in a supervised environment. The professionals will deliver you round-the-clock care. You will have fixed daily programs from early morning to late evening.

The average stay is 30 days. But in specific cases, it may be longer or shorter. The inpatient programs include medical healing, withdrawal management, different therapies, and other entertainment.


Outpatient programs are designed to provide care on a part-time basis. This means you will live at home or while attending outpatient rehabs and getting through treatment processes.

These facilities are for those who suffer from mild or just beginning cases.

These clinics also serve for aftercare purposes. The matter is that when a person finishes his intensive care at an inpatient facility, being exposed to the real world, he might relapse.

Outpatient programs include 12-step support group meetings and relapse prevention therapies to avoid outdoor triggers.

Costs Associated With Addiction Treatment

As every facility has its specific healing programs, the prices are also different. So, there is no defined price for all of them. You can only determine which medical center is less expensive and which one is more.

Outpatient rehabs are the cheapest clinics, as they do not require extra charges for accommodation amenities.

There are also expensive clinics and luxury rehabs that are not affordable for everyone.

Luxury Rehab Fees

If you are an addicted person not having financial problems, you should treat your disease at a luxury rehab. This facility is a real dream for any patient. treatment and living settings are high-class here. The treatment process is accompanied by a pleasant pastime.

Insurance may also cover the fees partially or totally. However, if you do not have insurance, you may try to contact Counseling Clinic, Inc.

Taking My Teen to Rehab

Having an addicted child requires you to have a carefully organized approach, otherwise, you will have a negative result. Forcing a child to do anything may lead to various psychological problems.

For that, you should have friendly dialogues with the little one. You can also involve psychologists in this process for better results.