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Rehabs in Pulaski

Rehabs in Pulaski

Pulaski is the most populous county in Arkansas. According to the 2020 census, it had a population of about 399,125 people. Indeed, it would be surprising and strange if, being the region with the largest population, it did not have a high level of addiction.

Unfortunately, this problem is growing and becoming more serious day by day. More and more people start using and becoming addicted to illegal substances and alcohol. It has forced the government to take measures and establish facilities, where residents can get treatment.

In this article, we will talk about the rehabs in Pulaski County, Arkansas, trying to help and guide all the people who need this information.


As we have already mentioned above, in Pulaski County, the addiction level is really high. The majority of the residents consume synthetic opioids, especially fentanyl.

Compared to other regions, here the overdose death rate is higher, as well. During 2015-2017 years, there were 170 overdose deaths. Unfortunately, this number is increasing daily as many residents use illegal substances and get highly addicted to them.

During this period, 16% of the residents had an alcohol addiction, and 98,3 per 100 individuals were prescribed opioids.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation in Pulaski County, AR

Unlike other counties in the state, Pulaski has quite developed facilities and rehabilitation centers. A clear proof of this is that in almost all centers a person can do a drug or alcohol evaluation test and then undergo the care he/she needs.

The testing process is truly essential, as the person can learn whether he/she has an addiction or not, and if yes, how severe it is. After getting an idea of the level, the specialist suggests the kind of treatment the patient needs. It is proposed and discussed, then they come to a common denominator together.

Recovery Centers of Arkansas is one of the best facilities to go to for an assessment. It works as a community-based provider of programs for alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

If you find this center worth visiting, here are the address and phone number:

2919 Sibley Hole Road

Little Rock, AR 72209

Phone number: 501-372-4611


Some patients have to pass a really hard way to overcome their addiction. Every individual should gain the will and start the detoxification process. Indeed, it is not a cure, but it is the first and most important stage of the treatment.

Every addict must take a step and start from here. Detox will be painful and hard, but by that, you will even lose the desire to drink or use substances.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient or residential treatment is the greatest way to achieve recovery in extreme cases of addiction. These courses could go on for weeks or even months. The facility offers 24-hour care and the patients are always under the supervision of specialists.

The most significant requirement of inpatient care is that patients should stay at the clinic until the end of the treatment plan. It helps the addicts to avoid triggers and get away from the disease completely.

Below are the programs that are included in residential care:

  • detox
  • individual or group therapy
  • relapse prevention
  • aftercare planning

Outpatient Treatment

There are three levels of outpatient services in the center:

  • Intensive - This level is one-step down from residential care. It provides three group counseling and a minimum of one individual meeting during a week.
  • Regular - This level includes two group sessions and at least one individual counseling in a week. People who participate in self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous or who have other strong support networks frequently use this plan.
  • Relapse Prevention - Provides one group and one individual session during a week. This service is not for every person, as the patient should pass the previous two levels to reach here.

Addiction Treatment Fees

Of course, in all centers, inpatient services are more expensive, as the patient stays there 24 hours and receives care all day long. In Recovery Centers of AR, one session of residential treatment is approximately $5,500. However, patients can apply to several donations or subsidization companies and refund some part of the cost.

Outpatient services are cheaper. They have an hourly cost of $84 for individuals and $40 for group sessions.

Special Programs

There are several social groups or just individuals that need to get more support and receive special services. Those people are:

  • judicial clients
  • people who have co-occurring mental health issues and suffer from addiction
  • adult women and men
  • domestic violence victims


Even after the therapies are finished, usually, specialists stay in touch with their patients to keep tabs on their physical and emotional well-being.

Special aftercare programs are occasionally created to welcome patients to the facility and conduct discussions with them. Everything is based on a person's condition, needs, and, of course, personal preferences.